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Welcome to the ReDREAM Magazine and the area to find the most important news around the project. It is important to us to not only to inform you comprehensively about all ReDREAM activities. We also want to give you an insight into what it means to change how we produce, distribute and use energy in a more sustainable way. That is why, in addition to lots of news and information about our innovations and technology, you will also discover people and their stories about driving the energy transition. Let us inspire you, find out what energy means to you personally and become part of a movement that has a lasting impact on our behaviour and life with energy.


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Energy ABC

Energy ABC: the key concepts around the topic of energy explained from A to Z Do you know how much energy the average European user consumes every year? Or how

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Alvaro has dedicated his career to research and development in the energy sector with a business development focus taking projects to market. He is driven to promote energy transition by empowering energy citizens towards a sustainable and just energy model. To this end, he is promoting a Fourth Sector business that is driven by a purpose to combine social innovation, alleviate energy poverty and drive decarbonisation of the sector. This visionary drive is grounded by his expertise in high-performance intelligent systems, energy trading and consumer engagement. He is the founder and CEO of Stemy Energy and professor at COMILLAS university in Madrid. He is a member of the MIT “Utility of the Future” and honorary member of the Spanish Industry 4.0 Observatory, has run more than 70 projects and delivered 30 high impact papers.

We have to change our mentality!

A small group of experts from the European Union spoke on the subject of the energy transition at   Put people at the centre to provide sustainable energy for all. Tweet was

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