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Welcome to the ReDREAM Magazine and the area to find the most important news around the project. It is important to us to not only to inform you comprehensively about all ReDREAM activities. We also want to give you an insight into what it means to change how we produce, distribute and use energy in a more sustainable way. That is why, in addition to lots of news and information about our innovations and technology, you will also discover people and their stories about driving the energy transition. Let us inspire you, find out what energy means to you personally and become part of a movement that has a lasting impact on our behaviour and life with energy.


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september, 2023

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ReDREAM Project

Consumers make renewable energies efficient

ReDREAM the latest European initiative of the Bridge-Horizon2020 project has started work. Written by Patrick Rembe; Picture Credit: Diego PH on Unsplash Imagine using renewable energy more efficiently and more cheaply by

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In the download area you will find Deliverables, reports, , graphics and other communication material about the ReDREAM project. All published documents can be used freely provided that the sources and authors are acknowledged. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact our project manager Alessandra Porfido or our communication managers Patrick Rembe or Kristine Jung.

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