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ReDREAM – the European research project that empowers consumers to significantly and sustainably influence the use of energy.

ReDREAM in Facts

European Nations involved
Different climatic zones
0 m €
overall project budget
0 %
of CO2 emissions in the EU are caused by buildings
Over 0
test consumers are to take part in the project
In 2021
ReDREAM will be ready for the market


The new user-centric energy ecosystem

Under the motto “Change Your Energy”, this EU-funded project seeks to empower consumers to rethink how they use energy, helping them move toward a wholly more sustainable approach.

For most people, energy is an invisible daily companion. We live in its midst, hardly noticing it is there – until it’s gone. We should all think more about how we use energy. Its production and use contribute substantially to CO2 emissions. This is because we still rely much on fossil fuels – 86% of energy produced in the European Union comes from them (source: World Energy Council 2017). Added to that is the ever growing demand for energy and its unsustainable use. But this is where ReDREAM steps in.

Think you can't change anything? Then think again!

Watch the video and find out how ReDREAM can help you radically change the way you use energy

4 countries, 744 users

The United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Croatia are among the most important ReDREAM locations for the  next 3 years of the project.

In these countries, this ambitious project will focus on consumers as key players. More than 700 will be part of ReDREAM until 2023. They will help the scientists, researchers, developers and engineers to develop ReDREAM, making it a tool to contribute to reducing climate change.

Learn more about the pilot sites or become part of ReDREAM yourself.


Croatia Green Energy Cooperative Varaždin Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) is engaging citizens in the energy transition as they are the pillars of the shift towards sustainable development and use of

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Italy Monitoring of electricity consumption Gallese Gallese is a small town of about 2,800 inhabitants. It will be interested in monitoring the electricity consumption of private homes, companies and public

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Spain Monitoring of electricity consumption Castilla y León EnergÉtica is a non-profit cooperative of renewable energy consumers. We put energy back in the hands of citizens and we offer a

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United Kingdom

Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE) is a not-for-profit, Community Benefit Society, which puts people at the heart of the energy transition, placing ownership and control of energy in the hands of consumers

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The ReDREAM ENERGY-KNOWLEDGE-CENTER is intended to support you in actively supporting the energy transition with your know-how. We hope you enjoy discovering and learning more about the energy sector. 

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ReDREAM Magazine & News

Welcome to the ReDREAM magazine and the most important news around the project. Let us inspire you, find out what energy means to you personally and become part of a movement that has a lasting impact on our behaviour and life with energy.

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