Change your Energy!

The ReDREAM project, funded by EU Horizon 2020, aims to revolutionise the energy market and puts the consumer at the centre.

The user-centric energy ecosystem

Think you can’t change anything? Then think again! Watch the video and find out how ReDREAM can help you radically change the way you use energy


The energy consumer makes the difference

Can electricity consumers be key to making energy more sustainable? It may sound somewhat utopic but ReDREAM aims to ensure they will play a decisive role. The EU-funded project wants to overhaul the energy sector. It wants to empower consumers – households and industry – by putting them at the heart of an all new co-creative ecosystem. To achieve this, the project brings together 15 partners from 8 European countries.


Underlying this ecosystem is a platform that uses cloud services and artificial intelligence to collect and evaluate information. This provides for more  efficient production, distribution and use of energy, thus reducing CO2 emissions. All the major stakeholders from the energy sector are to be involved in the ecosystem – from energy suppliers who provide gigatons of electricity every day, to consumers who use this electricity. Information on weather and renewable energies will be fed into the ecosystem while smart devices will contribute with data on energy consumption patterns.

ReDREAM ecosystem is an energy network. Together, participants will be able to bring about a significant change in the use of energy.

In the next three years, the ecosystem will be developed and made ready for the market. This is not an easy task – in addition to the fundamental research and analysis of consumer behaviour, numerous technical developments are needed. Programming, developing new algorithms and connecting suitable end-devices are just a few of the topics that the ReDREAM team will work on before 2023. However, it is not only the experts from the international consortium who are important. You as a consumer can also contribute to ReDREAM and make our energy more efficient. ReDREAM – Change your energy!

What makes ReDREAM stand out:

  • Consumers are engaged from the start: their experiences form the core of the ecosystem’s development;
  • An open co-creation approach allows different stakeholders to participate in the ecosystem;
  • Graphical user-friendly interfaces help more people get involved and interact;
  • With this ecosystem, consumers can change their energy habits, save money and help cut CO2
“We want to enable every consumer to influence the use of energy in a significant and sustainable way. I think this will completely revolutionise the energy sector.”
Alvaro Sánchez Miralles
Project Coordinator

15 Partners that aim to change the use of energy

The ReDREAM consortium consists of 15 European partners from 8 countries. They come from research, science, industry, communication as well as economic and legal consulting. Together, ReDREAM will be developed and made ready for the market by the end of 2023.

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