Become a real pioneer of the energy transition

The goal of our development is a real energy ecosystem that empowers you as consumers to actively influence the energy sector through your behaviour. 

You now have the opportunity to become part of a project that contributes sustainably to the energy transition.

The energy ecosystem focuses on you as a consumer and user of energy. ReDREAM provides you with a completely newly developed platform with which 

you can check and adapt your own energy behaviour and share your experiences with other users.

What can you change?

You can help to ensure that the energy grid is stable, secure and future-proof

The production and use of energy in the grid should be balanced at all times. But because of the varying production of energy by wind and sun, the grid is not always in balance. Oftentimes there is too much energy and there are too few users. ReDREAM technologies enable you to contribute to the stabilisation of the energy grid.

You can influence the use of renewable energies in a self-determined way

Through ReDREAM’s smart and digital solutions and devices, you can now consciously determine your use of renewable energy. Become a pioneer in the energy transition and make a massive contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Become part of the ReDREAM community: the future of the energy market

Not only does this mean a financial saving on your monthly energy bills, but the way how, when and how energy is produced and used is set to be revolutionised. You as a consumer can for example share your energy with the members of your community. ReDREAM provides a social energy network that lets you become a real active part of the energy market for the first time.

How can you participate?

If you are located in one of these countries and come from one of the following regions – Bath (United Kingdom), Zagreb (Croatia), Valladolid (Spain), Viterbo (Italy) – click on the corresponding link and apply directly to the respective organisations and project partners on site.

I live in Bath

(United Kingdom)

I live in Viterbo


I live in Valladolid


I live in Zagreb


ReDREAM ECOSYSTEM Tools and Services

The ReDREAM ecosystem offers you a variety of tools and services that allow you to benefit in completely different ways through your own behaviour. So-called non-energy services such as mobility, games, comfort or the exchange in the community network enable you to use and consume energy more consciously in your daily routine. The energy services or also called plans influence not only the consumption but also the optimisation of their use or production (photovoltaics) of energy. In this way, they save money every month and contribute to a more flexible use of the surplus energy in their community. 

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