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Energy ABC: the key concepts around the topic of energy explained from A to Z Do you know how much energy the average European user consumes every year? Or how the Moon can be a source of energy? For most of us, energy is imperceptibly present in our day-to-day lives.  We touch a light switch … Read more

Consumer behaviour makes the difference

Interview by: Patrick Rembe As the Spanish saying goes, “El que espera desespera” (he who waits, despairs). This is exactly what Leonor Ruiz believes when it comes to sustainability and energy transition. Leonor is a design strategist at Soulsight, a strategic design consultancy, and partner in the ReDREAM project. She is convinced that it is … Read more

We have to change our mentality!

Alvaro has dedicated his career to research and development in the energy sector with a business development focus taking projects to market. He is driven to promote energy transition by empowering energy citizens towards a sustainable and just energy model. To this end, he is promoting a Fourth Sector business that is driven by a purpose to combine social innovation, alleviate energy poverty and drive decarbonisation of the sector. This visionary drive is grounded by his expertise in high-performance intelligent systems, energy trading and consumer engagement. He is the founder and CEO of Stemy Energy and professor at COMILLAS university in Madrid. He is a member of the MIT “Utility of the Future” and honorary member of the Spanish Industry 4.0 Observatory, has run more than 70 projects and delivered 30 high impact papers.

A small group of experts from the European Union spoke on the subject of the energy transition at   Put people at the centre to provide sustainable energy for all. Tweet was the clear message to all those who really want to promote the urgently needed change. More than enough reason to talk to the coordinator of ReDREAM, … Read more

Energy is not present in a conscious way in consumers’ daily life!

Sunset in front of an industrial skyline with bridge and river. Good example for energy transition.

Written by Leonor Ruiz (Soulsight); Photo by sterlinglanier Lanier on Unsplash 7 Takeaways from consumer- energy engagement research. One of the global goals is the transition of all countries to renewable or “clean” energy. Decarbonization has been one of the most mentioned words in international forums in recent years. However, decarbonisation is complex as it … Read more

Why companies should look more and more like WAZE and less like GOOGLE maps

Written by Juan Martino (Soulsight) At first glance, the only difference between Google Maps and Waze is the graphical interface. If you are a user of both, you will know that Waze is more interactive and warns you and/or can inform you of mobile radars, road works, or police checkpoints. Although, since Google bought it … Read more

Consumers make renewable energies efficient

ReDREAM the latest European initiative of the Bridge-Horizon2020 project has started work. Written by Patrick Rembe; Picture Credit: Diego PH on Unsplash Imagine using renewable energy more efficiently and more cheaply by a change in behaviour, thus helping to protect the environment in a big way. Even though more than 24% of the world’s energy is now … Read more

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